Sergey Alov

Hello everyone! My name is Sergey Alov. I'm a banner maker and a front-end developer. Welcome to my portfolio website. From 2004 to 2016, I was engaged in Web-design and Flash projects: websites, banner advertising, and 2D animation. In 2016, I added HTML5/JS/CSS3/SVG animation to my skills. My services include the development of 2D GIF, HTML5/JS/CSS3 animation, and banners, design and websites layouts, landings.

I use the following technologies for project development: HTML5, JS, JQuery, CSS3, SVG. I work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Adobe Illustrator, Brackets.


I was born in Minsk in 1984 in the family of an economist and engineer. Having graduated from School No. 184, I decided to follow my mother and become an economist. I started doing web development, to be precise, Flash animation and website development during the 3rd year of the Belarusian University of Informatics and Radioelectronics.
Since 2004, I have been combining my studies with work at Radio Roks (Minsk) as a web designer. I developed the site of the radio station and carried out its maintenance, developed web banners and the design for printing.
In 2006, I moved to work for Russian Radio (Minsk) within the framework of a single media holding. Serving 2 websites of the radio stations, developing banners, layouts for printed advertising products (business cards, folders, flyers, etc.) ware my responsibilities. After graduation, I have been combining Russian Radio with freelance.
Since 2012, I have been studying German at Hartnackschule Berlin. After finishing the B2 course, I passed the exam and received a certificate.
In 2016, I started learning HTML5 (Canvas) animation and added 2D HTML5 animation, developing HTML5 banners to the list of my services.
In 2018, I finished the course of "Modern Front-End Using JavaScript and HTML5" of "BelHard" (Minsk). I continue to develop HTML5 animation, now I also do animation using CSS3, SVG.

Full CV for HR agencies and employers. (English)
Full CV for HR agencies and employers. (German)

Some of my projects

I suggest you familiarize yourself with some of the projects that I developed. You will find links to a more complete portfolio in this section. If you have any questions, want to make an order, calculate the cost or offer a cooperation fill out the form in the contacts section, or choose another way of communication.


The new HTML5CREATE project is under construction. Examples of works on HTML5, JS, CSS3, SVG will be presented on this site. Sites, banners, animations, logos and all that I developed with the technologies described above.

Website address:


The developing project of banner and advertising 2D animation. It was created in 2006. Then, I was specializing in Flash and GIF animation; now, in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and JS animations. You can see examples of works created using the above technologies on the project site. I develop bright, stylish HTML5 banners, and 2D animations for technical requirements Google Adwords, DoubleClick, Programmatic, Yandex, Mail, Adfox, etc.

Website address:


A series of HTML5 banners for MonsterBit. The development period is 2 days, a set of 10 sizes.


HTML5 and GIF animation for Priorbank. Automatic exchange offices in Minsk.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Set of HTML5 banners for the advertising campaign Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Belarus. Banners are prepared for the following ad networks: GDN, Yandex, Mail, Adfox, Onliner.

Chery Tiggo 2

Set of HTML5 banners for the advertising campaign Chery Tiggo 2 in Russia. Banners are prepared for the following ad networks: GDN, Mail, Adfox.

Leroy Merlin

Set of HTML5 banners for the advertising campaign Leroy Merlin in Russia.


Mobile phone: +49 157 551 76 991
Skype: sergio-wer
Telegram: @Sergey_Alov